What is One Step? 〜 Meeting new people and learning languages together! 〜

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What is “One Step”?

Originally, we started an English cafe in Fukui as there was no place to enjoy speaking English causally and enjoy interactions with international friends more regularly.

We’ve been having the English Cafe since 2011 and it will be 10 years in 2021. During these 10 years, luckily, We had had many international friends and they made our meetings more fun and meaningful. Those friends are still our good friends today even after they have gone back to their countries.

Since the coronavirus spread, we have started the online English cafe instead of offline and we have also started the online Nihongo cafe for Non-native Japanese speakers who are studying Japanese.

As you can see from our group name [ One Step / 一歩 ], we would like to support people who want to have a step forward to their challenges.

Also, we would like to support people from overseas to start their new challenge life here in Japan! Most of us had lived in other countries before and we know that it’s not always easy to live in another country which is far away from your family and friends.

Very funny members… laugh lots

We also hope our place will be like your second-home that you feel like to drop by without any reason. During English Cafe, we use English but you can also practice your Japanese since our English is not perfect and some of our members are beginners in English language. If you have any concerns or questions we are always happy to help you.

Since we have started 『Online Nihongo Cafe』, now you can practice speaking Japanese with us!!

What we are offering?

Currently, we have Online『 English Cafe』and 『 Hokkori Nihongo Cafe 』regularly.

◆Online English Cafe / Saturday at 10:00

In Online English Cafe, We talk about a topic which is given in advance among small groups, and at the end of the session, each group shares what ideas or stories they talked about. Many people are joining and it is a really fun opportunity to meet and talk new people casually.

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◆Online Hokkori Nihongo Cafe / Saturday at 11:00

Hokkori Nihongo Cafe is the place where you can out-put your daily practice of studying vocabularies and grammars in Japanese. So we are focus on “conversation ” and it is not a lesson.

You can practice of speaking, listening through communicating with people in online cafe. Our purpose of doing this cafe is all learners to continue studying Japanese enjoyably.We believe that one of the important things of learning languages is to keep studying.

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◆Additional opportunity

We sometimes have events like Hanami picnic in April and Yukata Party in Summer.You are always welcome to join those events freely. Check events!

◆Our policy

Before you join the cafes, please confirm our policy , Term of service. 

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